The Spirit of God co-operates with the humble worker who abides in Christ and communes with him.         – The Great Controversy, P428 

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Power of Fasting and Prayer

Children of God / September 27, 2019

We have often heard the phrase “Children of God”. Who are these people and what are their characteristics? Find the answers with Pr. Kumar Pitta.

Three main Festivals

Called by Grace / September 27, 2019

Do we need to be Called by Grace to receive salvation? What does it really mean to be Called by Grace? Join us in this series with Pr. Sheldon A. Priestly.


The New Life / September 26, 2019

God has given a wonderful opportunity through which we can have a New Life. When a person confesses his sins to God, he has a great opportunity to live with God for eternity.

Smitha Paul

Turning Point - Malayalam / September 26, 2019

As life goes on, there are many incidents and times at some point of our lives which bring a change in us. Be it in our food or behaviour or character or spiritual life or anything else. These bring about a change in us which might be for good or bad, depending upon the decisions that we make at that point, but are mostly moments of change that are beneficial. In this show, Turning Point, people share their experiences of the critical moments in their lives which brought about a change in them.

Built on the Rock

Sermon on the Mount / September 25, 2019

Jesus saw a multitude and went up into the mountains from where he spoke to the people about many important topics. Learn more about those message with Pr. Surender Kumar.


Life Steps / September 25, 2019

In this series, we will see the different stages in man’s life where a transformation occurs when he meets God.

Rectification binds the Relationships

Rectification and Prepardness / September 24, 2019

All human beings are born sinful. Thankfully, God has given us a provision to still be saved through the blood of Jesus. But to obtain God’s grace, we will have to do our part by correcting the errors we made and become ready to meet Him in the clouds when He comes to receive us.

The Experience of Unity

The Burden of Christs Prayer / September 24, 2019

We must stay awake to make sure that Satan’s ministers do no get into the true fellowship and do damage.

Parents Part In Children's Life

Marriage and Family / September 23, 2019

Marriage is a joining of two individuals with God. The interference of parents can harm the unity of the family. Children should be left to take decision and to learn lessons.



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