The Spirit of God co-operates with the humble worker who abides in Christ and communes with him.         – The Great Controversy, P428 

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Leaving Worldly Pleasures for seeking Godly Pleasures

Growing in Fellowship of God / April 19, 2019

We were created to worship and have fellowship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To grow in fellowship with God, we must not walk in darkness, but instead walk in His light. Let's learn more about how we can grow in fellowship of God in this series with Pr. Sirikonda Raju.

Dangers of Chemical Drugs

Healthy Life / April 19, 2019

Do you want to live a life without any illness. If you fall ill, do you want to know how to get cured by natural methods. To know, join us in this series Healthy Life.

Who is Michael

Here Is Wisdom / April 18, 2019

So lets learn and grow in wisdom as we learn the deeper meaning of some of the mysteries from the Bible.

Noah & the Ark

Studies on Noah / April 18, 2019

It details the physical part of the ark and enlightens the spiritual lessons for us.


Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord / April 17, 2019

We, the remnant people of the Lord are called to "Prepare the way of the Lord". What does this really mean to prepare the way for the creator of this universe. Find out more in this series along with Pr. C. Shepherd.


Thousand Miracles / April 17, 2019

Do you believe in 'Miracles'? Are genuine miracles happening even in today's world? What does the Bible tell about miracles? Find out more in this series as people share some of the miracles they experienced in their lives.

Kaalai Pozhuthinilae | காலைப் பொழுதினிலே

Kaalai Pozhuthinilae | காலைப் பொழுதினிலே / April 16, 2019

In this series, Kaalai Pozhuthinilae, we bring about the awareness of decreasing pain, improving joint mobility, increasing strength and coordination and improved cardio-respiratory functions and instructions that are to be followed for common ailments. We will also learn how to prepare some healthy, delicious recipes to live a healthy life. Finally we will hear stories which will impact our way of living.

Bed of Evil Doers

Types of Beds in our life / April 16, 2019

We will see the consequences of the Evil doers with the thoughts they get at their bed.

Sermon 03

Sanctuary to Prayer / April 16, 2019

Find out how the Sanctuary will lead you to a more prayerful life. Join with me as we take a tour into the Sanctuary.



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