Christ Like Personalities / November 19, 2018

When Job was prosperous, he praised God. After going through many sufferings from satan, he still praised God and submitted himself to Him. Do we have such love for our God?

Unity in Faith

Oneness in Christ - Hindi / November 18, 2018

Seventh-day Adventists hold in common many fundamental beliefs. Some we hold in common with other Christians; others not. Taken as a whole, these teachings form our identity as a distinct church and are the foundation of our unity in Jesus.


Christ Like Personalities / November 12, 2018

Joseph faced similar problems of todays modern era. With courage in his heart and desire to remain loyal to His heavenly master, God granted him a highest position of honour.

When Conflicts Arise

Oneness in Christ - Hindi / November 11, 2018

The early church was threatened by internal conflicts over a number of issues that could have had a devastating effect on it. We saw the way that the church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and submission to the Word of God, was able to resolve these conflicts and avert schisms.


Christ Like Personalities / November 05, 2018

God supplied physical, spiritual and mental needs for the prayer warrior who stood against the heathen king. Such a brave man publicly proved that the God of Jehovah was the only true God.

Images of Unity

Oneness in Christ - Hindi / November 04, 2018

The New Testament uses different metaphors to illustrate both the nature and mission of the church. More important, these metaphors teach that God attentively is watching over His people and protects them. These images also teach that God’s people are intricately linked with each other and that we need each other to do the work that we have been called to do.


Christ Like Personalities / October 29, 2018

Jacob being deceiver all his life later surrendered his life to God. God accepts every sincere confession from a broken spirit.

The Experience of Unity in the Early Church

Oneness in Christ - Hindi / October 28, 2018

The early church experienced rapid growth because Jesus’ disciples intentionally prepared themselves for the outpouring of the promised Holy Spirit. Their fellowship and common faith were the means used by the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts for Pentecost. After Pentecost the Holy Spirit continued to transform this new community, as is manifested in their generosity toward each other and the rapid growth of the church.


Christ Like Personalities / October 22, 2018

Moses being raised as the Pharaoh’s daughter’s son in the royal palace, chose to suffer affliction rather than enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season.