When Alone

Family Seasons - HINDI / April 21, 2019

Let us look at the question of companionship and loneliness at the various times of life that, perhaps, all of us have at some time faced. If not, then count yourself fortunate.

Preparing for Change

Family Seasons - HINDI / April 14, 2019

Let’s look at some of the changes that sooner or later, in one way or another, most of us face and how these changes can impact family life.

The Choices We Make

Family Seasons - HINDI / April 07, 2019

Look in a very broad way at the question of the choices we make, how we should make them, and what impact these choices can have on ourselves and our families.

The Rhythms of Life

Family Seasons - HINDI / March 31, 2019

Sometimes the changes are good, sometimes not; sometimes we have control over them; sometimes not. Let’s look at the seasons and rhythms of our lives, especially as they impact us and our families, too.

“I Make All Things New”

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / March 24, 2019

Revelation 19–22 begins with final events just before and during the second coming of Jesus (Revelation 19) and then gives readers a glimpse of the future beyond that event: through the millennium (Revelation 20) and into eternity (Revelation 21 and 22).

Judgment on Babylon

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / March 17, 2019

Revelation 17 and 18 focus on the fall of end-time Babylon in the closing days of earth’s history.

The Seven Last Plagues

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / March 10, 2019

Revelation 16 describes the seven last plagues (Rev. 15:1) of earth’s history. Included in these plagues is the only mention of the exact title “Armageddon” in the Bible.

God’s Everlasting Gospel

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / March 03, 2019

Revelation 14 elaborates on the remnant’s side of the war with the dragon, as announced in Revelation 12:17.

Satan and His Allies

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / February 24, 2019

Revelation 13 elaborates on the dragon’s war against God, which was described in Revelation 12.

Satan, a Defeated Enemy

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / February 17, 2019

Revelation 12 covers the entire sweep of Christian history, with glimpses of the universal war that lies behind the conflicts of earth.

The Seven Trumpets

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / February 10, 2019

The seven trumpets (Rev. 8:2–11:18) build on a vision of the heavenly ministry and the incense altar (Rev. 8:3, 4) and contain an “interlude” (Rev. 10:1–11:14) that offers a view of God’s people in the midst of the horrific sixth trumpet (Rev. 9:13–21).

The Sealed People of God

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / February 03, 2019

Revelation 7 answers the question of Revelation 6:17: Who will be able to stand at the second coming of Jesus?

The Seven Seals

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / January 27, 2019

Revelation 6 describes the events that occur as the Lamb breaks the first six of the seven seals.

Worthy Is The Lamb

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / January 20, 2019

We will center our attention in this lesson on the heavenly vision of Revelation 4 and 5 (Rev. 4:1–5:14).

Jesus’ Messages to the Seven Churches

Revelation of Jesus - Hindi / January 13, 2019

Last week we looked at the first of the messages to the seven churches. In this lesson, we will study messages two through seven (Rev. 2:8–3:22).