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The Impact Of Tithing

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / February 18, 2018

Tithing is an important expression of faith. It is one way to reveal, or test, the reality of our profession. The impact, use, importance, and methods of distribution in tithing are designed for our spiritual growth in supporting God’s work (When rightly understood, it serves as a spiritual measurement of our relationship with God.) and providing the financial foundation for preaching the gospel.

Honesty With God

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / February 11, 2018

What is an honest heart, and how is it revealed? Contemporary culture often views honesty as some vague, relativistic ethic; most people are dishonest occasionally but consider it acceptable as long as the infringement is not too great. Honesty is a learned moral virtue and is at the core of a steward’s moral character. When we practice honesty, good things come of it. It is a valuable personality trait, especially under difficult situations when the temptation might easily be toward dishonesty.

The Marks of A Steward

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / February 04, 2018

Stewards are known by their brand, or their distinctive mark, a Christian steward’s brand, or mark, is a reflection of Christ’s love through the relationship that he or she has with Him. When we live and practice the traits of Christ, our lives will reveal our brand. Our brand is His brand; our identities are blended with His (1 Cor. 6:17).

Stewards After Eden

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / January 28, 2018

Adam and Eve’s first job involved stewardship. The garden and all creation were given to them to care for, to enjoy, and to have dominion over (Gen. 2:15), even though they owned none of it. Instead, they were stewards of what the Lord had entrusted to them. When we become God’s stewards, our focus on the world and its materialistic values changes to a focus on the Creator and His mission. As with Adam and Eve, God entrusts to us responsibilities of divine origin. Since the Fall in Eden, however, the task of stewardship has changed; along with the responsibilities of caring for the material world, we are also entrusted to be good stewards of spiritual truths.

Escape From The World’s Ways

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / January 21, 2018

Although Satan failed with Jesus, he has succeeded with everyone else. He will continue to do so unless we fight in the armour and power of God, who alone offers us the freedom from the lure of the world. Our only hope to escape the allure of the world is a vital and successful relationship with Jesus.

God or Mammon?

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / January 14, 2018

Serving God and serving money are mutually exclusive actions. It’s one or the other, God or mammon. It is a fantasy to think we can have it both ways, because living a double life will sooner or later catch up to us. We might fool others, maybe even ourselves, but not God, to whom we will one day have to give an account.

I See, I Want, I Take

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / January 07, 2018

The love of money and material possessions can come at us from many different angles. ‘Go, make the possessors of lands and money drunk with the cares of this life, present the world before them in its most attractive light, that they may lay up their treasure here, and fix their affections upon earthly things.’ is the devil’s ploy to lure us through the wiles of materialism.

The Influence of Materialism

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / December 31, 2017

The Word of God tells His people not to “be conformed to this world” (Rom. 12:2, NKJV), but the lure of materialism, the inordinate desire for wealth and for what we think wealth can bring, is powerful. Very few people, whether rich or poor, are beyond the reach of materialism. This includes Christians, as well. Nothing is wrong with being rich, or even working hard to get ahead in order to provide comfortably for yourself and your loved ones. But when money, or the pursuit of money, becomes all-encompassing, we have fallen into the devil’s trap and have, indeed, become “conformed to this world.”

Christian Living

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / December 24, 2017

As Protestants, and especially as Seventh-day Adventists, we rest on the principle of sola scriptura—the Bible alone as the standard of faith. And it is from the Bible that we have learned the same truth that caused our spiritual forefather, centuries ago, to break from Rome—the great truth of salvation by faith, a truth so powerfully expressed in Paul’s epistle to the Romans.