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Jesus And The Book Of Revelation

Preparation for the End Time - TAMIL / April 15, 2018

The New Testament is directly tied to the Old. Time and time again the Gospels and the Epistles either refer to events in the Old Testament or quote directly or indirectly from it. The same thing can be said for the book of Revelation. Indeed, it’s all but impossible to make sense of the book of Revelation apart from the Old Testament, especially the book of Daniel. This is one reason why we often study both books together. A crucial aspect of those Old Testament references in Revelation is that, taken together with the rest of the book, they reveal Jesus. Revelation is all about Jesus, about who He is, about what He has done for His people, and about what He will do for us at the end of time. Of necessity, any focus on last-day events must keep Jesus front and center, exactly what the book of Revelation does.

Daniel And The End Time

Preparation for the End Time - TAMIL / April 08, 2018

The Israel nation didn’t live up to the holy calling that God had given it. Eventually, it even went into captivity in Babylon. God was still able to use individual Judeans to be His witnesses, despite the disaster of captivity. God would accomplish through Daniel and his three fellow captives what He did not achieve through Israel and Judah. Yes, their stories unfold in a time and place far removed from the last days. But we can still find traits and characteristics in these men that can serve as models for us, a people who not only live in the end time but who are called to be witnesses about God to a world that, like the pagans in the Babylonian court, does not know Him.

The Cosmic Controversy

Preparation for the End Time - TAMIL / April 01, 2018

The cosmic controversy, sometimes called “the great controversy,” is the biblical worldview. It forms the background in which the drama of our world, and even of the universe, unfolds. Sin, suffering, death, the rise and fall of nations, the spread of the gospel, last day events—these all occur in the context of the cosmic controversy. The good news is that one day it will not only end, but it will end with the total victory of Christ over Satan. And the even better news is that because of the completeness of what Jesus did on the cross, all of us can share in that victory.

The Results of Stewardship

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / March 25, 2018

Stewardship is the act of thriving while managing God’s call to live godly lives. God gives us the skill to live differently than we would live in any other lifestyle on earth (2 Cor. 6:17), as stewards, we should live as witnesses of the God we serve, which means that we should exert a powerful influence on those around us, an influence for good.

The Habits of A Steward

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / March 18, 2018

Habits reveal purpose and direction in life. The pathway that a habit creates is the fastest way that you can take to get the reward you seek. A habit is an ingrained decision. Stewards who develop good habits are the most faithful stewards. Stewards who develop good habits are the most faithful stewards. Daniel had a habit of daily prayer (Dan. 6:10) and Paul’s custom was to be in the synagogue. (Acts 17:1, 2).

Debt - A Daily Decision

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / March 11, 2018

In most cases, people don’t lend money out of the goodness of their hearts, they lend money because they want to earn more money in return. We should do all that we can to avoid debt. Of course, in certain circumstances—such as buying a house or a car, or getting an education—we need to borrow money. But it must be done as wisely as possible, with the intent of getting out of the debt as soon as possible. Yet, we must be careful. Spending money we don’t have is the gateway for God’s people to make covetousness and love of earthly treasures the ruling traits of their character. As long as these traits rule, salvation and grace stand back.

The Role Of Stewardship

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / March 04, 2018

Because of the depth and breadth of stewardship, it is easy to get lost in the big picture, Stewardship is simple yet also complex, and thus easily can be misunderstood. “It is not a theory nor a philosophy but a working program. It is in verity the Christian law of living, it is not simply a matter of mental assent, but is an act of the will and a definite, decisive transaction touching the whole perimeter of life.”

Offerings Of Gratitude

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / February 25, 2018

Our God is a giving God; this great truth is seen most powerfully in the sacrifice of Jesus. God gives and gives; it’s His character. Thus, we who seek to reflect that character need to give, as well. One way to give back what we have been given is through offerings. Our offerings present an opportunity to express gratitude and love. Giving generously whether from means, time, or talent is a powerful way of living our faith and revealing the character of the God whom we serve.

The Impact Of Tithing

STEWARDSHIP - Motives of the Heart - TAMIL / February 18, 2018

Tithing is an important expression of faith. It is one way to reveal, or test, the reality of our profession. The impact, use, importance, and methods of distribution in tithing are designed for our spiritual growth in supporting God’s work (When rightly understood, it serves as a spiritual measurement of our relationship with God.) and providing the financial foundation for preaching the gospel.