From Slaves to Heirs

The Gospel in Galatians - MALAYALAM / August 14, 2017

In Christ we have been adopted into God’s family as His sons and daughters. As God’s children, we have access to all the rights and privileges that such a family relationship entails. To relate to God on the basis of rules and regulations alone would be foolish. It would be like a son wanting to renounce his position and inheritance in order to become a slave.

Pray for Children

Prayer / August 12, 2017

The Road to Faith

The Gospel in Galatians - MALAYALAM / August 07, 2017

The law was given to point sinners to their need of Christ. As a custodian, it provides instruction about God and protection from evil. But like a disciplinarian, it also points out our sinfulness and brings condemnation. Christ frees us from the law’s condemnation and writes His law upon our hearts.

Pray for Sin

Prayer / August 05, 2017

The Priority of the Promise

The Gospel in Galatians - MALAYALAM / July 31, 2017

The giving of the law on Sinai did not invalidate the promise that God made to Abraham, nor did the law alter the promise’s provisions. The law was given so that people might be made aware of the true extent of their sinfulness and recognize their need of God’s promise to Abraham and his descendants.

Pray for God’s People

Prayer / July 29, 2017

Old Testament Faith

The Gospel in Galatians - MALAYALAM / July 24, 2017

From start to finish in the Christian life, the basis of our salvation is faith in Christ alone. It was because of Abraham’s faith in God’s promises that he was counted as righteous, and that same gift of righteousness is available for anyone today who shares Abraham’s faith. The only reason we are not condemned for our mistakes is that Jesus paid the price for our sins by dying in our place.

Pray for the Sick

Prayer / July 22, 2017

Justification by Faith Alone

The Gospel in Galatians - MALAYALAM / July 17, 2017

Peter’s behavior in Antioch suggested that ex-pagans could not be true Christians unless they were first circumcised. Paul pointed out the fallacy of such thinking. God cannot pronounce anyone righteous on the basis of that person’s behavior, for even the best humans are not perfect. It is only by accepting what God has done for us in Christ that we sinners can be justified in His sight.