Christ Like Personalities / December 24, 2018

Jonah, the prophet who was called to share the truth of repentance, neglected the opportunity to share the gospel to the people of Nineveh. God had his own ways to teach Jonah, to bring a change in his life. Let us hear what happened to him in this episode!

Mary Magdeline

Christ Like Personalities / December 17, 2018

As a woman who was in illegal relationships, the life of Mary magdalene was filled with shame and sin. Christ offered the privilege of salvation and forgiven.

John The Baptist

Christ Like Personalities / December 10, 2018

There was a voice crying in the wilderness, preparing the hearts of crooked generation to make their ways straight for the king of Glory to come. John the Baptist, a humble prophet of God preached the sermon of repentance with much boldness. Language: Hindi Preacher: Pr. Shailesh Sanade Recorded at Hope Channel India. Subscribe with us on YouTube @ Like us on Facebook @ Follow us on Twitter @

Demon Possed Man

Christ Like Personalities / December 03, 2018

The man who was possessed by many unclean spirits, experienced heavenly healing from the saviour of the world. No wonder his life changed.


Christ Like Personalities / November 26, 2018

Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not dishonour God by partaking the king’s meat. Though the Chaldeans tried to change his name, food and worship, the young man Daniel stood for God and his principles.


Christ Like Personalities / November 19, 2018

When Job was prosperous, he praised God. After going through many sufferings from satan, he still praised God and submitted himself to Him. Do we have such love for our God?


Christ Like Personalities / November 12, 2018

Joseph faced similar problems of todays modern era. With courage in his heart and desire to remain loyal to His heavenly master, God granted him a highest position of honour.


Christ Like Personalities / November 05, 2018

God supplied physical, spiritual and mental needs for the prayer warrior who stood against the heathen king. Such a brave man publicly proved that the God of Jehovah was the only true God.


Christ Like Personalities / October 29, 2018

Jacob being deceiver all his life later surrendered his life to God. God accepts every sincere confession from a broken spirit.


Christ Like Personalities / October 22, 2018

Moses being raised as the Pharaoh’s daughter’s son in the royal palace, chose to suffer affliction rather than enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season.


Christ Like Personalities / October 15, 2018

Not desiring to disobey, Abraham stepped out to sacrifice his own son and proved the ages to come, what faith in God really means.


Christ Like Personalities / October 08, 2018

The only man who walked with God was Enoch. Lean how much God loved him and how much he was willing to obey God in everything that he did!


Christ Like Personalities / October 01, 2018

The only man who walked with God was Enoch. Lean how much God loved him and how much he was willing to obey God in everything that he did!