Parents Part In Children's Life

Marriage and Family / September 23, 2019

Marriage is a joining of two individuals with God. The interference of parents can harm the unity of the family. Children should be left to take decision and to learn lessons.

Family Life And Recreation

Marriage and Family / September 16, 2019

Family life is a place where we enjoy and relax. It is the place of ease and comfort. The kind of entertainment we chose can decide our destiny.

Home Finance

Marriage and Family / September 09, 2019

Finance of the family is very important. There is where individuals learn faithfulness and thrift and each member should be accountable to God for what he has given to them. It is His plan that they prosper in all things.

Home Training

Marriage and Family / August 26, 2019

God has designed family that each member will be trained in the way of the Lord. When a person goes out, he would be equipped to live an independent life.


Marriage and Family / August 19, 2019

Love is the principle that binds two individuals intact. Love is forgiving, forgetting and long suffering.

Family That Have Witness

Marriage and Family / August 12, 2019

Family is called to be together to show the world how God loves His children. It is we the bear witness for the God whom we love.

Eden Home

Marriage and Family / August 05, 2019

It was God's plan that man lives without sin. In the garden of Eden, God had designed a married life for man. So it should remain as a blessing for the humanity.

God's Grace in Marriage

Marriage and Family / July 29, 2019

Marriage is God's design for man and it is in God's family that He reaches His children to love, to care and to appreciate and it is His grace that makes the family stick together even amid differences.

Marriage is a Miracle

Marriage and Family / July 22, 2019

Marriage is a wonder because two people from two different background come together as God has designed this wonderful alliance. It remains a mystery that we live together.

Marriage is God's Plan

Marriage and Family / July 15, 2019

Marriage is God's plan that God's family should show the Eden home and its sanity to the world that they may appreciate God.

Responsibilities Of a Family

Marriage and Family / July 08, 2019

Each member of the family has their responsibilities to perform and it is God's plan that everyone should be equipped to tame their young ones.

Building Home With God

Marriage and Family / July 01, 2019

God has given an opportunity to live together for His glory. Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders about in vain.