From the Stormy Sea to the Clouds of Heaven

Daniel - TAMIL / February 16, 2020

The vision of Daniel 7 is the topic for this week. This gives a panoramic view of the biblical imagery that runs in the background of this highly symbolic vision.

From the Lions’ Den to the Angel’s Den

Daniel - TAMIL / February 09, 2020

Daniel’s experience with persecution serves as a paradigm for God’s people in the time of the end. In the conflict with evil, good will ultimately win out, and God ultimately will vindicate His people.

From Arrogance to Destruction

Daniel - TAMIL / February 02, 2020

Belshazzar fills up the cup of his iniquities. By removing dominion from Belshazzar, God prefigures what He will accomplish against the enemies of His people in the very last days.

From Pride to Humility

Daniel - TAMIL / January 26, 2020

It takes a long time for Nebuchadnezzar to understand the importance of humility. Only after God takes away his kingdom and sends him to live with the beasts of the field does the king recognize his true status.

From Furnace to Palace

Daniel - TAMIL / January 19, 2020

While facing the threat of death because of the issue of worship might seem a thing of some prescientific and superstitious age, Scripture reveals that at the end of time, when the world has greatly “advanced,” something similar will unfold, but on a worldwide scale.

From Mystery to Revelation

Daniel - TAMIL / January 12, 2020

Although the rise and fall of nations, ideologies, and political parties seem to happen at the discretion of human whim alone, Daniel 2 shows that it is the God of heaven who actually moves human history to its grand finale.

From Jerusalem to Babylon

Daniel - TAMIL / January 05, 2020

We are so used to stories that stress the faithfulness of Daniel and his friends that we may forget to exalt the faithfulness of the One who guided and sustained those four young men as they confronted the power and allure of the Babylonian Empire.

From Reading to Understanding

Daniel - TAMIL / December 29, 2019

The book of Daniel conveys prophetic information but is profoundly relevant to our personal lives today. But most important, Christ is the center of Daniel, as He is of the entire Bible.