The Book of Romans - TELUGU / Mrs. Sowdhamini Chantiyya

The Human Condition

The Book of Romans - TELUGU / October 15, 2017

From the Fall onward (The fall of Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden), we have all been contaminated by sin. The expression ‘all are under sin’ must be taken in a spiritual sense; that is to say, not as men appear in their own eyes or in those of others, but as they stand before God.

The Controversy

The Book of Romans - TELUGU / October 08, 2017

The issue for the early Jewish believers was whether Jews had to become Christians in order to accept Jesus and whether Gentiles had to become Jews before they could accept Christ. In the Jerusalem Council, was there a firm answer they made the decision not to trouble the Gentiles with a host of regulations and laws. That is, Gentiles didn’t need to become Jews first in order to accept Jesus. However, some teachers continued to plague the churches by insisting that Gentile converts to the faith were required to keep these rules and laws, including circumcision.

The Apostle Paul in Rome

The Book of Romans - TELUGU / October 01, 2017

Context is always crucial when seeking to understand the Word of God. Paul was writing to a specific group of Christians at a specific time and for a specific reason; In Rome he stated his position on the questions which were agitating the Jewish and the Gentile churches, and showed that the hopes and promises which had once belonged especially to the Jews were now offered to the Gentiles also.