The Gospel in Galatians - TELUGU / Mr. Methuselah S

The Priority of the Promise

The Gospel in Galatians - TELUGU / July 31, 2017

The giving of the law on Sinai did not invalidate the promise that God made to Abraham, nor did the law alter the promise’s provisions. The law was given so that people might be made aware of the true extent of their sinfulness and recognize their need of God’s promise to Abraham and his descendants.

The Unity of the Gospel

The Gospel in Galatians - TELUGU / July 10, 2017

The insistence by some Jewish Christians that Gentiles must be circumcised in order to become true followers of Christ posed a serious threat to the unity of the early church. Instead of letting this issue divide the church into two different movements, the apostles worked together to ensure that the body of Christ stayed united and faithful to the truth of the gospel.