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Kaalai Pozhuthinilae | காலைப் பொழுதினிலே

In this series, Kaalai Pozhuthinilae, we bring about the awareness of the basics of dental hygene which are of utmost importance and instructions that are to be followed for common ailments. We will also learn how to make some beautiful hand made craft item. Finally we will hear stories which will impact our way of living.

Light from the Book of Psalms

The book of Psalms was written out of personal experience that kind David had. Though he was a king, he underwent many trials and tribulations of a common man. Those words written long ago, still brings peace, joy and hope to the reader. The blessed hope that shines out from the book of psalms still revives the souls that is in desperate need. Join with us in this series “Light from the book of Psalms” with Pr. Ravichandra.

Christ Like Personalities

There was a voice crying in the wilderness, preparing the hearts of crooked generation to make their ways straight for the king of Glory to come. John the Baptist, a humble prophet of God preached the sermon of repentance with much boldness. Language: Hindi Preacher: Pr. Shailesh Sanade Recorded at Hope Channel India. Subscribe with us on YouTube @ Like us on Facebook @ Follow us on Twitter @