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Power of Prayer

The power of Prayer is not the result of the person praying. Rather, it is the power that resides in the God who is being prayed to. There is no magical formula to access powerful prayer. God answers prayer that are according to His will. When we pray passionately according to the will of God, He responds powerfully.

Christian Identity

Many Christians gain their identity through the latest fashions, trends, family background, work relationships or through other popular expectations from their peers than from whom they are in Christ. Isn’t this one of the biggest mistakes that Christians are making? As Christians how are we to identify and show ourselves?

The Book of Acts - HINDI

Paul was being taken to Rome from Caesarea on a ship. This journey was cut short because of a tempest. Paul ministered on the ship and also with a prophetic message from God, told that none would die in the ship wreck but there would be casualties. In Malta they had to stay for three months because of the winter, as they were not able to sail during that time. In the stay there, he ministered unto the people.