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Bible Heroes

Everyone loves stories in which a person risks everything and becomes a Hero. Thus many books and movies are available based on a Hero. But most of these Heroes are just made up characters with the exception of just a handful. In the Bible, we have many real life Heroes who have done mighty things in the past. Take a look at some of these characters in this series “Bible Heroes”.

Bible and Bible Alone

The Bible is the first ever book to be printed after the invention of the printing press. We now have a complete book in our hands. How was this book written and how may people have written this book. What is the history behind the making of this book and resources available to make this book complete as it is now. What or Who is the inspiration of the writers of the Bible. John the revalator was born a long time after Daniel, but how was he in accordance to what Daniel wrote?

Turning Point - Malayalam

As life goes on, there are many incidents and times at some point of our lives which bring a change in us. Be it in our food or behaviour or character or spiritual life or anything else. These bring about a change in us which might be for good or bad, depending upon the decisions that we make at that point, but are mostly moments of change that are beneficial. In this show, Turning Point, youngsters share their experiences of the critical moments in their lives which brought about a change in them.