Secrets to Happy Life

Secrets to Happy Life / Hindi

One of the biggest questions we can ask today is "What are the secrets to live a happy life?" Is it love? Is it money? Is it a fulfilling career? Is it a sense of control? To find the answer to this, join us in this series with Dr. Austin Navis to find the answers.

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February 18, 2019

In this busy world, Men and women work beyond their energy levels, invest money on daily survival, with less time for family, food and sleep. This life like a machine will not last for years. Man needs a balance in everything he does. How to schedule one's own time in a day? This show will provide ways to have a balanced Life.

February 11, 2019

Gratitude when Expressed, enlightens the soul. Only few cultivate the habit of appreciating one another. Bonds will strengthen when appreciation is thrown as a token of love.Thereby, we will have better families,better communities and a better nation!

February 04, 2019

Little things do matter. Speaking and listening is part of a conversation. Facial expressions contribute more to the value of the content to be shared. Is miscommunication, a problem in many families? What are the different ways to communicate better? Can relationship improve with better communication ?


Austin Navis
Austin Navis

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