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Acts is an account of those crucial decades, which spanned from Jesus’ resurrection in a.d. 31 to the end of Paul’s first Roman imprisonment in a.d. 62. Acts deals with the formative period of the early church, in which there was considerable growth. This can be seen in the way the church dealt with questions concerning the time of Jesus’ second coming, the status of the Gentiles, and the role of faith for salvation. We will reflect on what we, those who have been called by God to finish the work, can learn from their story.

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July 22, 2018

Many of the converts at the Pentecost were Hellenistic Jews(Jews for the Greco-Roman world who were living Jerusalem). They were different from the Judean Jews. Both of them had several differences among them. The Hellenistic Jews were not much attached to the temple ceremonies and the Mosaic laws. But it was many of the Hellenistic Jews that God used to fulfill the command of bearing the witness to the entire world.

July 15, 2018

After the pouring of the Holy Spirit, early believers thought that everything was fulfilled: they had received the Spirit and shared the gospel with the whole world. Not that the apostles had left Jerusalem and had gone out to the world, but the world had come to them (Acts 2:5–11). And during this same time the early believers faced opposition and also some disagreements between the Jews and the gentiles, so God had to intervene to keep the church united.

July 08, 2018

The Pentecost became the first spiritual harvest of the Christian church, when the Holy Spirit was poured out more abundantly than ever before, this outpouring of the Spirit was a sudden, supernatural event that transformed the apostles from simple and obscure Galileans into men of conviction and courage who would change the world.


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