The Burden of Christs Prayer

Dynamic Christian Prayer of a Overcomer / Tamil

Resistance of temptation must come from man, who must draw his power from God. On the one side there is infinite wisdom, compassion, and power; on the other, weakness, sinfulness, absolute helplessness. AA 482.2.

Heroes from the Bible

Moses / Tamil

Some of these heroes of the Bible are well-known personalities, while others remain anonymous. In this series, we'll learn about some such personalities from the Bible and see what made them become heroes.

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Life Steps

Belief in God / Malayalam

In this series, we will see the different stages in man’s life where a transformation occurs when he meets God.

Spiritual Journey of Victory

Choosing the Right Partner / Hindi

Anxiety and doubt has pushed many of us down in our spiritual journey. In this series Pr. Umesh Nag talks about the many ways of strengthening our spiritual journey to overcome the world.

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Perpetual Sabbath

Sermon 04 / Malayalam

A covenant is more than a contract.The only way a covenant is annulled is when one party dies. Is the covenant of the sabbath given to the children of Israel, only between them and God? So are the present day christians supposed to follow the covenant of sabbath? Isn’t it a covenant to be followed by us (present christians) too? Isn’t the sabbath covenant perpetual?

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Appreciating Health - Building Character

Cells / Hindi

Our body is the temple of God. Then how are we supposed to deal with our bodies? We are to take care of our bodies with utmost care. And health is happiness too. In this series, Pr. Ronald Marjee and Ms. Priyanka Verma discuss about some of the organs in our body and their functions in keeping our body healthy.

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Rectification and Prepardness

Rectification helps to change to be Prepared / Telugu

All human beings are born sinful. Thankfully, God has given us a provision to still be saved through the blood of Jesus. But to obtain God’s grace, we will have to do our part by correcting the errors we made and become ready to meet Him in the clouds when He comes to receive us.

My New Identity in Christ

I’m God’s Workmanship / Kannada

After becoming a Christian, you receive a completely new identity in Christ. What are the characters of this new identity. Find the answers with Pr. H.K. Antony.

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The Least of These - Minstering to those in Need - KANNADA

Mercy and Justice in Psalms and Proverbs / Kannada

Psalms and Proverbs are two books particularly tuned to the challenges of living faithfully amid life’s common experiences and trials. Both offer insights into God’s vision for society and His special concern for the poor and oppressed. The cry of the Psalms and the wisdom of Proverbs are that God does notice and will intervene to protect those too often ignored or exploited. And if that’s what God’s about, it’s what we should be about, as well.

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Healthy Living

Brain Health - Cognitive Thinking / Tamil

Cognitive and Neurological health refers to the health of the brain. Cognition is the combination of several critical brain functions including memory, judgement, language intuition and the ability to learn. Cognition is the process by which one acquires knowledge through experience, thought and sensory impulse. Learn more about how to make your Brain healthier.

Sermon on the Mount

Marriage & Oaths / Hindi

Jesus saw a multitude and went up into the mountains from where he spoke to the people about many important topics. Learn more about those message with Pr. Surender Kumar.