Golden keys to Success for Youth

Stewardship / Malayalam

Doesn’t the Bible hold many golden keys to succeed in our lives? Yes, the Bible has many ways to have a successful life. The golden rule is “ do unto others what you want others to do to you”. In this discussion you’ll learn of the many ways to success.

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Christ Like Personalities

Abraham / Hindi

Not desiring to disobey, Abraham stepped out to sacrifice his own son and proved the ages to come, what faith in God really means.

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Leader of Our Life

Meaning of Prayer / Kannada

Only a fully knowledgeable person who is sinless can be the best leader of our life. Come and meet this person.

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Making Friends for God - The Joy of Sharing in His Mission - TAMIL

Seeing People Through Jesus’ Eyes / Tamil

Jesus saw all men and women as winnable for His kingdom. By watching the way Jesus worked with people, we learn how to lead others to a knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Lost and Won--Kannada

Jacob / Kannada