Young Warriors of Faith

The Rich Young Man / Tamil

It is the blessed duty of the parents to train their children in the way of the Lord. They should diligently teach their children to obey the law of God. By doing so, we have many young warriors of faith like Samuel, David, Joseph and many other who lived their lives as a testimony even to the people living in the present generation. Come and learn more about how to be one such young warrior of Faith in this Bible series “Young Warriors of Faith” with Pr. Joseph.

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Healthy Living

AIDS / Tamil

AIDS is a chronic, potentially life threatening condition caused by the HIV. By damaging your immune system, the virus interferes with the bodies ability to fight against the organisms that cause diseases. In this show, will discuss about the precautionary steps to avoid it and also learn some remedial steps that can be taken.

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Abundant Life

Frontal Lobe / Hindi

Do you want to stay away from illness and live a happy life? Join Miss. Priyanka Verma and Dr. Austin Navis in this series “Abundant Life”.

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Cross on Shoulder

Completeness on the Cross / Telugu

Many a times we remember the sacrifice on the cross but fail to understand it. Let us re-learn the blessings and the freedom that we have gotten through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

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Power of Prayer

Intercessory Prayer / Telugu

How can our Prayers be more powerful? Is there a secret formula to get our prayers answered? Do Prayers make an impact in our lives? How does God answer our prayers? Learn what the Bible has to say about the Power of Prayer with Dr. Sharat Babu.

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Fruit of the Spirit

Episode 13 / Hindi

We learn from scripture that ‘fruit of the spirit’ are not individual "fruits" from which we pick and choose. Rather, the fruit of the Spirit is the trait that characterises all who truly walk in the Holy Spirit. Collectively, these are the fruits that all Christians should be possessing in their new lives with Jesus Christ. The fruit of the Spirit is a physical manifestation of a Christian's transformed life.

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