America and Babylon

America and Babylon  / Hindi

In Daniel 7—after the rise of Babylon (lion), Media-Persia (bear), and Greece (leopard)—came the final earthly power, Rome. It started out as pagan Rome and then turned into papal Rome, the little horn power of Daniel 7:7, 8; 19–21; 23–25; which rose directly out of the fourth beast. We saw, too, that many of the characteristics of papal Rome, as depicted in these verses in Daniel 7, reappear in the sea beast of Revelation 13:1–10. Hence, Bible scholars have seen Rome as one of the key antagonists in the end-time scenario of Revelation 13. However, Rome is not alone. Another power is depicted. we will focus  on Revelation 13 and the events and powers portrayed in it. What do these events mean, and how can we be prepared for them?

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