God’s Seal or The Beast’s Mark

God’s Seal or The Beast’s Mark  / Telugu

One of the most telling signs of God’s true last-day people is their proclamation of the third angel’s message, which warns against receiving the mark of the beast. However, despite there being no more serious warning in all the Bible, many confusing ideas as to what this mark is have been suggested over the years: a bar code in the forehead, a credit card number, or some biometric identification. We should not be surprised at the proliferation of confusing ideas in Babylon. After all, its name means “confusion.” But God’s remnant people need a clear understanding of this topic in order to proclaim the third angel’s message with power. Let’s try to understand better what the mark of the beast is and how to avoid it—by receiving the seal of God.

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Sowdhamini Chantiyya
Sowdhamini Chantiyya


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Samraj Kumar


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